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  • The Polish way to NATO


    The official contacts between Poland and NATO were launched by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland, Prof. Krzysztof Skubiszewski, who paid an official visit to NATO Headquarters in Brussels on 21 March 1990.


    In the summer of 1990, the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Brussels (headed at that time by Ambassador Tadeusz Olechowski) initiated permanent working relations with NATO. More intense contacts were developed by Ambassador Andrzej Krzeczunowicz in the years 1992-1996. After the introduction of the PfP (Partnership for Peace) programme in 1994, a Liaison Office was established within he structures of the Polish Embassy in Brussels. Among the Liaison Office staff there were Polish diplomats from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as well as Polish officers designated by the Ministry of National Defence. Occasionally, there were also other Polish specialists supporting the Office activities. The Polish Office at NATO Headquarters started its operation in 1997. Along with maintaining contacts with NATO, the Office was also responsible for relations with WEU. The invitation to start negotiations on Poland's accession to NATO (July 1997) entailed a dynamic development of the Liaison Office in terms of its personnel and infrastructure. During the accession talks, initiated in September 1997, Poland was represented by a team of 9 persons, additionally supported by a group of experts.

    The team was led by Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Andrzej Towpik, who was appointed the Ambassador (Permanent Representative) in the Polish Mission to NATO after the completion of accession talks in November 1997 (named since gaining membership in 1999 as Permanent Delegation of the Republic of Poland to NATO and WEU).


    The Permanent Representative (PERMREP) represents the country in the North Atlantic Council. Each member state also has its Military Representation headed by the Military Representative (MILREP), who acts in the Military Committee on behalf of the Chief of General Staff.

    Since November 2011 the Permanent Delegation of the Republic of Poland to NATO has been headed by Ambassador Jacek Najder.

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