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    Polish Military Representative to NATO and the EU Military Committee - Lieutenant General Janusz ADAMCZAK


    Polish Military Representative to NATO Military Committee represents the Chief of the General Staff of the Polish Armed Forces in the Military Committee of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation. His main task is maintaining the continuity of co-operation between Chief of Staff and Chiefs of Staff / Defence from other NATO and Partnership for Peace Nations within the framework of the NATO Military Committee through the constant participation in current Military Committee and International Military Staff activities. His parallel function is representation of the Chief of Staff in the Military Committee in European Union.





    • Military defence planning elements;
    • Changes in the general and detailed military structures of NATO and the EU;
    • Development of the command and control systems;
    • Co-operation in the field of intelligence;
    • Strengthening the capabilities of the armed forces for allied missions;
    • Making use of the forces and military infrastructure for joint operations;
    • Regional military co-operation;
    • Co-operation with civilian structures and making use of military forces for non-military crisis activities (e.g. industrial accidents, natural disasters etc.);
    • Military co-operation with military institutions of the European Union (Political and Security Committee, Military Committee, Military Staff).
    • Co-operation with the Western European Union and European Union structures in crisis prevention and crisis management operations.

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