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  • 27 June 2019

    "I would like to emphasize with great delight that Poland is among the leaders of the North Atlantic Alliance. We spend over 2% of GDP on defense. We are one of eight Allies to achieve such results. We are meeting our obligations, we are active. We are serious about defense" - said Mariusz Błaszczak, Minister of National Defense in Brussels. On June 26-27, the head of the Ministry of National Defense participated in the meeting of defense ministers of NATO countries in the NATO Headquarters.

    Minister Błaszczak said that one of the topics discussed in the NATO forum, as well as during the bilateral meeting with Mark Esper, the acting Secretary of Defense of the United States, was security on the Eastern flank of NATO and increased presence of US troops in Poland.

     - The leader has changed, but the mission has not changed. We continue to do everything we had started last year. Now we are negotiating the details of the political declaration signed by our presidents - said the head of the Ministry of Defense after meeting with the acting US secretary of defense.

     The Minister told the press that the reactions to the declaration signed by Poland and the USA have been positive.

     - The presence of US troops in Poland, on the Eastern flank, in Europe also strengthens NATO, deters a potential adversary. Thus, we ensure security for Poland, we ensure security to the countries of NATO's Eastern flank and the entire Alliance - stressed the Minister.

     As the head of the Ministry of National Defense pointed out, thanks the declaration the presence of US troops in Poland will become permanent.

    NATO defense ministers also discussed the INF Treaty.

     - All participants expressed hope that until 2 August Russia still has time to revise its actions and limit the deployment of medium-range missiles, which undoubtedly undermine the security of Europe and the world - said the head of the Defense Ministry.

     The ministers also talked about modern technologies and the possibilities of their military application in NATO and the EU. The meeting was held with the participation of the High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Federica Mogherini, as well as defense ministers of Sweden and Finland.

    The Defense Minister pointed out that Poland procures modern equipment and modern technologies. One example are the F-35 jets, which MON intends to procure for the Polish Air Force.

     - Along with this aircraft, the Polish military will gain the most modern technology in the world. Having the most modern equipment deters a potential aggressor - stressed the Minister.

    One of the topics discussed at the meeting of defense chiefs was security in Afghanistan and the Resolute Support mission. There was also a meeting about the eFP multinational battalion in Latvia. QUINT talks took place with the participation of defense ministers of five countries supporting Ukraine (UK, US, Canada, Poland and Lithuania).

    On Thursday, Minister Błaszczak, at the invitation of the secretary of defense of the US, took part in a meeting of Allies in the Global Coalition to defeat the Islamic state.


    In his bilateral meetings with the Minister of Defense of Northern Macedonia Radmila Šhekerinska, Minister Błaszczak pursued opportunities to strengthen military cooperation. The two ministers  also raised possibilities of developing cooperation between the defense industries of both countries. The head of the Ministry of Defense also talked about shoring up cooperation with defense ministers of Lithuania and Croatia.

    While in Brussels, Minister Mariusz Błaszczak signed the Memorandum of Understanding on acquisition of Maritime Battle Decisive Munitions.


    Source: MoD