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  • 4 July 2019

    "The agreement signed today creates a legal framework for closer cooperation, including 24/7 points of contact. The agreement also establishes a legal basis for a joint response to incidents. We will be able to rely on the support of our Allies, we will also provide ours. Our capabilities for effective cyber defense grow with the implementation of the program" - said Tomasz Zdzikot, secretary of state in the Ministry of National Defense after signing on 4 July the cooperation agreement in cyber defense between the Ministry of National Defense and the North Atlantic Alliance.

    The agreement signed at NATO Headquarters in Brussels by Deputy Minister Zdzikot and Antonio Missiroli, the Assistant Secretary General of NATO for Emerging Security Threats is the first international agreement between Poland and NATO regarding cooperation in the area of cyber security.


    In solidarity also in cyberspace! We have signed an agreement with NATO, creating a legal framework for the Alliance's response in the event of a cyber attack on Poland. We develop the capabilities of the Army in all operational domains. The process of forming the Cyber Defense Forces is developing according to plan - Mariusz Błaszczak, the Minister of National Defense, referred to the signed agreement.


    Thanks to the agreement, permanent cooperation will be established between Poland and NATO in the area of cyber defense. 24/7 contact points will be created, which will be responsible for conducting ongoing cooperation on both cyber security policy and technical aspects of threats in cyberspace.


     The agreement is also the legal basis for the Alliance's possible use of Rapid Reaction Teams in the event of threats in cyberspace. The document defines areas of cooperation in which the Alliance may support Poland. Thanks to the agreement, Poland will participate in the development of early warning systems for threats in cyberspace and will be able to rely on the advice of NATO experts and cooperation with the armaments industry in this regard.


     This is yet another agreement concluded by the Polish government, which will strengthen the potential of the Polish Armed Forces in cybersecurity. On 26 June this year in Warsaw, gen. brig. Karol Molenda, director of the National Center for Cyberspace Security and Brig. Maria A. Biank, director of the Joint Operation Center in Cyberspace, signed a cooperation agreement in the fifth operational domain.


    - We need to be prepared for cyberthreats, which is why we have created the program. The program is related to the construction of the Defense Forces of the Cyberspace, a cyber component in the Territorial Defense Forces, but also to the development of educational and didactic programs - said Deputy Minister Zdzikot.


    The Secretary of State in the Ministry of Defense also announced that a few days earlier, the plenipotentiary for the creation of cyber defense forces, General Karol Molenda, presented the concept for forming new forces, and at the moment the document is subject to analysis.




    The Ministry of National Defense prepared a comprehensive CYBER.MIL.PL program for the expansion and strengthening of cyber security potential, which also included an education dimension. The main tasks of the program are comprehensive support for the formation of cyberspace defense forces and integration of the cybersecurity environment of the Ministry of National Defense. The Ministry began the process of setting up cyber defense forces. In the new unit, the number of positions will be increased threefold. The task of forming troops was entrusted to the Plenipotentiary for the creation of cyber defense forces. According to the assumptions, the national defense ministry is already expanding the educational offer at universities this year.


    Following the example of the American National Guard, already in 2019, a cyber component will be created in the Territorial Defense Forces. This offer will be addressed to people who want to pursue a professional career on the civil market and are ready to take up the service for the security of Poles in cyberspace.


    On 1 September this year, the General Military Information High School will be launched at the Military University of Technology (WAT). The admission limits for military studies have also been increased. This year, as part of the process of development of the NCO corps, the NCO Nuclear and Communicative School will be established in Zegrze. Military University of Technology together with foreign partners launches MBA postgraduate studies in the field of cyber security. This year, the Legia Akademicka training module has been extended with a cyber security component.


    Source: MON