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  • 4 October 2018

    On Thursday, 4 October, Minister of National Defense Mariusz Błaszczak participated in the meeting of NATO Defense Ministers in Brussels. The agenda included the implementation process of the July NATO Summit decisions, strengthening collective defense and defense capabilities, including the so-called 4x30 Initiative, as well as burden-sharing. Minister Blaszczak participated in the North Atlantic Council meeting on NATO-EU cooperation and European defense initiatives, with the participation of Sweden and Finland, and in the North Atlantic Council meeting on collective defense and deterrence.

    During today's meeting, we spoke about threats resulting from the aggressive Russian posture. It is extremely important to be aware of these threats and find the right and effective answer. NATO is solidary and guarantees the security of states that are part of the alliance - said Minister Mariusz Błaszczak at NATO Headquarters.

    - We talked about the situation in Europe and in the world owing to aggressive Russian behavior. Today, the defense minister of the United Kingdom of the Netherlands presented information on another cyber attack by Russia. This is yet another manifestation of Russia's hybrid activities. We talked about how to counter these types of attacks. The US has declared its participation in countering cyber attacks. Poland is ready to participate in these endeavors - the head of the Defense Ministry said.


    While in Brussels, Minister Błaszczak held bilateral meetings with the ministers of: Croatia, Romania, Lithuania and the Defence Minister of Italy devoted to the development and strengthening of bilateral cooperation. The Defense Minister also met with the US Secretary of Defense J. Mattis.

    - The conversation with the US Secretary of Defense concerned bilateral relations, including issues related to permanent US bases in Poland. The Pentagon is working very intensively on the offer made by Poland regarding permanent bases - said Minister Błaszczak. The Minister of National Defense recalled that the Pentagon was obligated by the US Congress to submit recommendations regarding the location of permanent bases in Poland by March 2019.


    During the meeting of Defense Ministers of NATO countries, Deputy Minister Tomasz Szatkowski signed, on behalf of the Minister of National Defense, the declaration of intent regarding marine unmanned systems. The signatories are: Poland, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Greece, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain.

    (Source: Ministry of National Defence of the Republic of Poland)